April 09, 2012

Return to Go

But where's my $200? Lousy life not being anything like Monopoly!

Well, Easter has come and gone and with it my very brief, but intense, AF. I especially enjoyed sitting through sunrise service at church enduring *incredibly* painful cramps without pain meds because I hadn't eaten anything yet and 800mg of ibuprofen will bore a hole in my empty stomach. Thank God for drugs and alcohol (not at the same time, of course).

So we're back to square one and only have a $335 lighter bank account to show for our efforts. I'm really not as upset as I might sound. Just a little bitter I guess. It happens. Thursday was really my only *bad* day.

At least my sister's pregnancy continues on course. Three doctors now have referred to it as "textbook". This is very comforting to J. She has been graduated from the RE's office and released to her OB who will keep scanning her every two weeks if she wants (oh yes, she wants). This all provides me a great amount of comfort. God willing, there *will* be a new family member this year, even if my body can't get it together.

I need to call Dr. B's office and find out what to do. Do we just order more meds and wait for CD13 to do an ultrasound? I have no idea. I'm so busy this month, I hope it flies by and I'm in the 2ww again before I know it. Should I be at all concerned that AF was so short? I had spotting starting last Wednesday, but Sunday was really the only day of full flow. Today has tapered off considerably and I'm back to what I would call heavy spotting. I would say this is out of the norm for me, but "normal" is just what I experienced on BCPs, so I guess that's pretty useless info now...


  1. With meds, your AF can become much shorter. I used to bleed for a full 5 days, I'm now down to 3 days- at most!

    I'm sorry this cycle wasn't it for you. Recovering from a BFN is never easy. The good thing is the quick turn around time- and you'll be focusing on the next cycle very quickly. Hugs. xo

  2. I’ve tagged you in a post so I can learn more about you.