September 06, 2013

The Party's Over

Spotting started early, but was very light. True to my word, I tested Thursday. And as a testament to my emotional detachment from this cycle, I didn't bat an eye. I had actually told M several days before testing that this cycle was over and it was time to get serious about researching adoption.

So that's that.

We may or may not have a WTF meeting with Dr. B, totally up to M. All I know is, I GET TO GO BACK ON BIRTH CONTROL AND SPIRONOLACTONE!!! WOO HOO!!!!

And in and amongst all the usual IF crazy is aaaaaalllllll the crazy about my job: I was threatened, I quit, I came forward to HR about the toxic work environment, some co-workers came forward, then more co-workers, lots of meetings, I requested to rescind my resignation, got my job back, and now it looks as though major changes are taking place in my department.

It has been a positively *weird* couple of weeks, that's for sure.