March 30, 2012

Winning the Lottery

So unless you live under a rock (or out of the United States, I guess), you've probably heard about the mega-million multi-state lottery. And the fact that the jackpot has swelled to over a half a billion dollars. I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life, but even I contributed $5 to the office lottery pool today. We bought 50 tickets between 10 people, which increases our odds of winning from infinitesimal to incredibly improbable, heh.

But all this talk of lotteries and odds got me thinking. The odds that I will win the lottery is as good as the odds of me getting struck by lightning. But I'm really not that interested in winning the mega-millions lottery. I'd much rather win the "my-sister-gives-birth-to-a-live-baby" lottery. Or the "my-husband-has-to-get-a-decent-paying-job-eventually-right??" lottery. Or how about the "I-get-lucky-and-beat-PCOS-by-getting-pregnant-this-month" lottery. Now *there's* a lottery I'm dying to win! I wish I knew the odds on those events happening. And I wish I could increase my odds as easily as pooling some money with my co-workers...


  1. People beat the odds all the time, I am hoping and praying that you guys "win a lottery" or 5 soon!

  2. Now that's a lottery I'd like to win!! I wish it were that easy too. xoxo

  3. Winning those lotteries would be awesome. I don't gamble or play the lottery, but those would totally tempt me. I hope you win a huge chunk of cash sometime, because that could help with the "husband getting a real job soon" and "getting pregnant" lotteries.