March 06, 2012


(I've been waiting all day to write this post)

I don't think normal people could ever understand how exciting it is to get AF on your own when you've got PCOS (or any other anovulatory issues for that matter). I cycled! On my own! Without heavy drugs and terrible side effects!! Its incredible...its....possimpable!

So, I did get a kind of a miracle, just not the miracle I was hoping for. But I'll take what I can get - no complaints here! I waited a few hours, to make sure this really was CD1 and then I called Dr. B's office. Had to leave a message with the nurses' line (remember how fun that was last time?), but I was very careful to give them all the information they needed and spelled out my request to the letter. They called me back about 2 hours later and gave me an appointment on Thursday morning! I know I said I was waiting until after I get back from my trip next week to jump back in the trenches, but getting AF naturally was too great an opportunity for me to pass up. I have bloodwork and an HSG to schedule anyway and I'm not sure if those are happening in *conjunction* with treatment or before. If its before, then I'm happy to get started earlier than expected. And if my trip causes a conflict with appointments for a medicated cycle, then I know I can at least get the bloodwork and HSG out of the way.

Today, is a *very* good day :-)


  1. YAY! I can relate to the feeling of excitement about getting your period un-medicated, something I never thought I'd be happy about when I was younger. Hooray for ovaries doing what they are told!

  2. I was having such a bad day, but I couldn't fight the smile that overcame me when I read your news. I love how excited you are (as you should be!) and I love that things are working for you (as they should!). All this *and* you managed to cheer me up. A red letter day indeed. :)