March 22, 2012

Major Duh

So I woke up this morning feeling like my blood sugar had plummeted through the floor. Nibbled a Larabar as I got ready for the day, but continued to feel queesy and light-headed. At work it got worse. I knew I needed to eat in order to feel better, but the thought of eating...ugh. It went away long enough for me to get some food down, but returned within a few hours.

Do you know it took me a while to realize that nausea would clearly be a side effect of an HCG shot? Serious DUH on my part. I did not plan for this at all, so now I'm at work with nothing appetizing available, sipping on ginger ale and trying not to throw up. So not cool.

But its worth it. I have the best chance I've had in a *long* time of getting pregnant. Its worth it.


  1. I actually didn't know that was a side effect of the trigger shot. Maybe I just never thought of it because I haven't felt it. Funny how differently these things effect us.

    Have fun tomorrow!! Is your hubby going with you?

  2. Hm I never thought of nausea as a side effect of the trigger. I never got it either. But I guess it makes sense. If that's the case it should subside soon. Keep your blood sugar up, it will definitely help.

  3. I never would have thought of that! Thanks, now I know to be on the lookout for it whenever I do cycle!