March 23, 2012

Not So Fertility Free Friday

I know a lot of people do the themed Friday posts (as well as Thankful Thursday). And I actually have non-fertility stuff to talk about for once! But I also still have plenty of IF stuff, so its not a true Fertility-Free Friday here.

First, my IUI went great!! M's washed sample was almost double the average for our clinic :-D If this cycle doesn't get us pregnant (or God forbid, I don't ovulate), then I will feel comfortable doing Timed Intercourse for any subsequent cycles. That is a big relief to our wallets. I hope those millions of little swimmers appreciate that I just spent over $300 to give them the best possible chance! I did start temping again as of yesterday, so I hope I can see a clear temp rise in a few days. They are also having me go in for a progesterone check next Friday to confirm ovulation and then I have orders for a blood pregnancy test for April 6th if I want to use it. I had initially told the nurse it wasn't necessary (because I have to assume this isn't going to work, so why waste the blood?), but she reminded me it will be a Friday and if I get a positive home test, but don't already have the order for a blood test, I may have to wait all weekend. Thank goodness she talked me into it. Just in case...

My IUI appointment lined up pretty close with J's u/s appointment, so she and her husband were in the waiting room when we walked out. M and I waited for their appointment to be over so we could all leave together. I quickly became a nervous wreck after J was called back. Her husband is good about texting my mom and I with the u/s info and it took *so long* to hear from him I became convinced it was bad news. Instead, we got video of the little nubbin wiggling around!! So J came out finally and we hugged and cried and breathed another sigh of relief. I'm so glad we are seeing the same doctor. And I hate that we both have to go through IF, but at least we have each other.

I refuse to look up prospective due dates. I refuse to google what our odds of conception might be, given M's sample. And I know better than to symptom spot. I am going to try my damnedest to pretend that nothing is different at all. Its 2 weeks, 14 short little days - I can wait.

And while I wait, I can obsess over something else entirely because...

                                                               MAD MEN IS BACK ON SUNDAY!!!!!!

Oh how I have missed this show! It has helped that Downton Abbey came about and was an excellent distraction, but I need my Don Draper fix!! And Peggy! And Joan - Oh how I've missed Joan! So for 2 hours Sunday night, I know for certain I won't be thinking about my ovaries or uterus. My mind will be solely consumed with the gossip and intrigue at Sterling Cooper Draper Price ;-)


  1. So glad that your appointment AND your sister's went really well. Hey, that's all we're looking for here! Good call on the blood test. I'd never 2nd guessed HPTs before but after last cycle and getting a negative on 14DPIUI, I'm now VERY dubious.

  2. And then, for the next week, you can read reviews, critiques, and plot theories and watch and re-watch the teaser for the next episode. We've missed you Don, we've missed you.

  3. So happy to hear that your IUI went well and DH's #s were good! May this be a quick and successful 2ww for you.

    Cannot wait for Mad Men! I didn't realize it was a 2-hr premiere--yessss!

  4. Best of luck with this cycle! Fingers crossed for you

  5. Hi there! I'm also in the 2ww and have a requisition for blood work should I need it. Like you I'm trying to steer clear from prospective due dates and googling! On another note, I'm almost finished Season 2 of Downton Abbey and cannot wait for Mad Men to start tomorrow! Happy weekend. :)

    1. Welcome! Lets hope that dissecting the 2 hour premiere will keep us plenty busy in the coming week!