March 01, 2012

Definitely a Pattern

Yep, right on schedule the spotting is getting worse. I won't go into details. I had thought that I would take a pregnancy test next Friday just to make sure I'm in the clear for the celebratory drinking on Saturday for my birthday. Now I'm thinking I'll bump it up to Monday because if anything *is* growing in there (highly unlikely as that may be), its certainly not doing well if I'm spotting this bad. Monday is, at the earliest, 10DPO and at the latest...14DPO? Since I have no way of knowing when the supposed ovulation occurred, I'm going off the worst case scenario. I've got plenty of progesterone pills I could start popping if I need to. I might even take them anyway because this spotting *kills* my sex life and what is a birthday without some sexy time??

J had another ultrasound and got to hear a heartbeat. I know she'll feel a little more secure once she gets past 8 weeks (something about most early miscarriages happening between weeks 6 and 8?). And then we just wait 3 long months for the BIG milestone: the age of viability. If she makes it that far (pleas please please God, let her make it that far!), I've decided I'll buy her a nice gift, not a baby gift, just something for her.

Pretty soon I'll be going back to Dr. B, all set to start trying again. I'm really glad I took this break. The clomid symptoms I get are *so* strong, its been nice to just be my regular broken self without additional complaints. I've learned of 3 wonderful women getting pregnant during that time, each one feels like a miracle. I hope there's a bit of miracle left over for me...


  1. Ugh I'm so sorry about the spotting. It is definitely a sex-life killer, and also an emotional killer :(

    Have you talked to your doctor about trying Femara? I used it and didn't get so many symptoms (just constipation/gas and maybe slightly more moody but it's hard to tell with the TTC roller coaster). It's not officially approved for fertility stuff but a lot of doctors use it, especially if Clomid gives you such a bad ride.

  2. Spotting sucks--sorry.

    I agree with Robin--Femara (letrozole) gives many women fewer symptoms. Might be worth trying. I got pregnant from my first cycle on it (but miscarried), but don't know about how it compares to Clomid for me because I haven't tried Clomid.

  3. I third the Femara suggestion. If I'm able to take any fertility meds, that will be the one. It has a lower risk of multiples than Clomid, plus the side effects aren't supposed to be as bad.

  4. I hate spotting. Not this most recent cycle, but the one just before, I started spotting at 3DPO... That was amazing (not).

    Happy birthday!