February 13, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I always feel like posts I write on Mondays are just a big mind dump of stuff from the weekend. I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, so I don't spend much time on my laptop over the weekend unless its important.

My sister went for her second round of blood work today. Pray for good numbers!! She's having such a difficult time already because she is so afraid of this pregnancy ending in miscarriage. I suggested she might like to go see her counselor (whom she hasn't seen in almost a year) even for one visit to talk about the situation and help find strategies to deal with her emotions. I wish so badly that she could enjoy being pregnant and look to the future with nothing but hope and happiness. Sadly, that is a near impossibility for so many women in the ALI community. And my heart breaks for every one of them. For now, we are taking it hour by hour and one day at a time.

So, the spotting just sort of stopped, finally (she said with some trepidation). It had tapered off almost completely, yet I fully expected it to come back. But it hasn't. I've been spot free since..Friday? I can't remember. Now I am left wondering what the hell all that was. Did I ovulate despite taking progesterone pills for 10 days and having (by all appearances) induced a period? How bizarre! I suppose stranger things have happened in the IF world. I guess in the end I don't really care what happened, as long as it doesn't happen again!

With that mess over, I'm just hanging out, working my way up to a higher dose of metformin, and looking forward to the ending of March. My birthday is in exactly one month, I'm going on a trip to San Diego, and then its back to treatments! I really, really, really hope that I get pregnant in 2012.

Ooh, one more random thought: How have I not discovered LFCA before now? I'm sure that several blogs I follow have the little badge on their sidebar and yet I never clicked on it. What an *awesome* clearinghouse area for ALI! I swear, I never stop being astounded at the amazing ways some women devise to make this community as close-knit and well-informed as it can be. Just *really* crazy, good work.


  1. Mel over at LFCA is simply amazing! There are some wonderful people in this ALI community!