February 03, 2012

See Spot

See Spot spotting. See Spot still spotting even 2 weeks after my period. See Curly Sue getting ticked off that Spot won't go the hell away!

I'm supposed to be relaxing and enjoying my time off the infertility roller coaster. I wasn't upset when Dr. B didn't offer me birth control pills for during the break. I thought, hey, it will be more interesting to see if the increased metformin regulates my cycles. I'm pretty much over that thought right now.

Now I'm worried about low estrogen because I can't think of any other reason that I would be spotting red for so. freaking. long. It shows no sign of letting up and its really putting a damper on things in the bedroom with M. Not cool. ::sigh:: I hate my body. Google isn't really helping me out because constant spotting can signal anything from hormone fluctuation to cervical cancer. And I don't know how long I should wait before calling Dr. B's office. I *want* to call right now, if only because the inconvenience of it is stressing me out. I *think* I should wait another week and see if it stops, or even slows. If it hasn't then I will definitely call. But what do I say? Can I ask for BCPs? I'd like to demand them, honestly... Is it worth it to ask for testing? I have a history of bleeding until near death, so does that warrant a closer look?

Honestly, I just want it to stop so I can go back to relaxing. Stupid, f'ing body, it never gives me a break.

Update: Thank you all for your advice. I talked to my mom and decided to call Dr. B's office. I left a message on the nurses' line before noon and even though their voicemail assures the caller they will call back, they didn't. I guess they had a busy afternoon :-\ The spotting got much worse throughout the day, then the cramps started and now (TMI) I'm passing small clots. I give up, I just fucking give up.


  1. I am the spotting queen so I feel your pain.

    As far as calling, I'd absolutely encourage you to do it. I've learned that it hurts more not to call and ask questions, than to ask. Even if he doesn't prescribe BCP for you, at least you'll find out his reasoning for it.

  2. I'm sorry... that's so annoying! I know you're not asking for advice, but just from my experience, after going to acupuncture and taking herbs I started getting very ideal cycles, with better periods, etc. Just a suggestion... either way it's SO annoying when your body doesn't do what you want/expect it to! And I agree with Tami. I tend to think it's better to ask than to wonder.

  3. Definitely give him a call. It might help ease your worries a little.

  4. I fourth calling... better safe than sorry, plus it's good to keep the doctors in the loop.

  5. I updated the original post. Thank you, you guys for advising me to call. I am so grateful for your support and concern.