February 06, 2012

Busy Weekend

It was a weekend of ups and downs, good things and annoying things.

The most annoying thing of course being my body's insistence on having AF all over again after only two weeks. As of yesterday afternoon, its back to just spotting. I do not like this, Sam I am...

There were plenty of good things to punctuate my weekend, not the least of which was that M found out his application made it through HR!! He is one of 15 candidates and he already knows two of the staff on the hiring committee. He's worked out a wonderful little speech to give them during his interview and I'm just so freaking excited!! This is the closest he has gotten to finding a job in several months. So, again, prayers and positive thoughts are welcome and appreciated :-)

Saw one of my favorite stand-up comics at a local comedy club on Friday. Anyone familiar with Christopher Titus? He somehow manages to make terribly not-funny things gut-bustingly hilarious. I was thrilled to see him live and it was all new material, so well worth the ticket price! Then Saturday I spent the morning with my mom and sister at the art museum. There's a touring exhibit of Norman Rockwell paintings that we've been meaning to see and we finally went. It was incredible! So much detail in each painting, you could stare for hours picking out the hints to the story of the picture. I love all the exaggerated expressions and the paintings where the main subject is turned away from the viewer. They even had a whole room filled with original copies of the Saturday Evening Post covers that he made. If this exhibit tours near your home I highly suggest going to see it!

And, of course, Sunday was the big game: the Puppy Bowl!!! Oh, I mean - The Super Bowl! I just use it as an excuse to eat fun food and spend time with my family. I only watched through half-time though because I had to get home in time to watch Downton Abbey! I can't live without my British drama - that show is like *crack*!

The other annoying thing that happened involved the yarn I am crocheting getting *horribly* tangled and requiring over 2 hours to get sorted out. My sister's friend came over with her girls for the game. The younger girl, A, was watching me crochet and asked if I would show her how. I gave her a little lesson and showed her how to make a chain, but I didn't have any extra bits to give to her to keep practicing. So, I decided to quickly unroll the skein I was working with and cut off a bit at the end to give her. I don't know why I couldn't predict what a disaster that would be. Ah well, she got a little ball of yarn to practice with in the end - I just can't say no to her, she is so adorable.

So, busy weekend and a busy week ahead. Hopefully Dr. B's office will call me back about this spotting...


  1. Yay! The Puppy Bowl! Hahaha

    Oh no that tangle sounds epic in a bad way :( sounds like she had fun with it though! I found out recently that most yarn can be pulled out from the center instead of the outside, which is weird to me but has certainly kept my current yarn from getting disgustingly tangled as it always tends to do in the yarn bag. Still haven't figured that one out...

  2. Good news on hubby's application!!! Glad you had a fun weekend!