August 28, 2012

Follicle Update

I gotta tell you, M getting a job has done *wonders* for my ability to cope with infertility. My CD12 ultrasound was today (although I think I'm actually CD13....look at that! I'm not even sure what CD I'm on!!) and the ovaries appear to be behaving themselves. Each one has a 13mm follicle and several smaller non-contenders.

This is good, but not as good as last cycle when I had my u/s on CD11 and had a 15mm follicle. The PCOS Guru suggested I come back for another u/s on Thursday to make sure the follicles keep growing. If M didn't have a job, I would have had to say, "that would be nice, but there's no way I can afford it" - so thank GOD I was able to say "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea". If the 2 front runner follicles stagnate, I know they will want to stair-step me. I'm not sure how I feel about I will want to discuss with them whether clomid just isn't going to be a reliable option for me and should we just move on or not.

Under previous conditions, the not knowing would be making me bonkers right now. Thankfully I am feeling okay. No matter what happens, M and I are moving forward with our lives. Whether there is a baby in our future or not, I know we are going to be okay. Doesn't mean all the people getting pregnant around me won't affect me or ever upset me, but I know in the long run I could be okay.

We got a pre-approval letter from one of the banks we are thinking of getting our mortgage from *and* we've chosen our realtor, so we are all set to go look at houses this coming weekend!

Oh, one other health note: I finally got a referral to a dermatologist for the mysterious itchy patches I have been battling on and off since February. They took 2 biopsies and the Dr. thinks its from a mild gluten allergy. Aren't I just sooooo lucky :-P ::sigh:: It can be a little tricky going low carb and gluten free. A lot of the gluten free products I've seen at the grocery have more carbs than the low carb equivalent products...

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  1. Oh, happy house hunting! How very exciting. Good luck with the second ultrasound! Grow follie, grow!