August 24, 2012

When it Rains, it Pours

Oh, hello there.

Sorry about the absence, everything just came down all at once and I haven't had time to catch my breath until now. I have been reading and keeping up with each of your journeys, but I haven't been commenting much.

M started work this week. They are going to keep him very busy. Next week they have him scheduled for training for 10 hours every day. Yay overtime! But Boo, no husband time :-(

On the housing front, we have picked a realtor and are now moving forward with getting pre-approved for a loan from 3 different banks. I like to have options because I'm a control freak like that. We are so busy that we don't have time to look at houses with our realtor until *next* weekend. Ah well, such is life. We are still hopeful that we will move by November or at the latest, by the end of the year.

In cycling news (nope, not that kind of cycling), I'm back on 100mg clomid again - crossing my fingers that it works 2 cycles in a row. Interestingly, Dr. B wanted to up my dose to 150mg (my CD3 u/s was with the PCOS Guru, so we were just reading notes from Dr. B in my chart) - I'm assuming because he knows my history of ovulating on a certain dose one month, but failing the next. I can understand that, but I feel like the ovarian drilling surgery "reset" my body and I'm still learning what my new baseline is, you know? I reacted that way to clomid *before* the surgery. I would like to see if surgery has corrected this response because if it hasn't that will tell me a LOT. If I don't ovulate this month I will probably ask to switch to Femara.

This weekend will be rather emotional for me. My sister's baby shower is tomorrow and her friend asked that we each write a letter blessing the baby. Just thinking of things to write makes me well up with tears. I'm helping with the food for the shower, so I have a lot of work to get done tonight so I can just assemble food tomorrow. But assembling food had to be pushed back to the late morning because I told my mom I would go to the vet with her. One of her dogs is very old and took a turn for the worse yesterday. She is thinking they will tell her its time to put him to sleep so he doesn't suffer :-( He has lived a long life and all, but I definitely don't want my mom to go alone because she loves her dogs like family. So that's not going to be a fun way to start my day and then try to perk up for the baby shower... ::sigh::

Have I mentioned that I need a vacation? Really bad. I didn't take more than a 3 day weekend at any point this summer because A.) I'm saving up leave time to spend with my sister and the baby, and B.) We had no money to go anywhere or do anything anyway. And now, with all the stress (good stress, but still stress) of FINALLY moving forward with our lives and EVERYTHING we put on hold until now, I just really need to get away somewhere quiet and calm where I can rest and reflect on everything.

My next u/s is on Tuesday to check for follicle growth and I'll update you all on that since it could make or break my cycle.


  1. I hope you get time for a vacation. We just got back from our vacation and it did wonders for our psyche. Good luck with you day tomorrow. It sounds like it may be intense. Thinking of you!

  2. I'm so, so sorry to hear about your mom's dog. Losing a beloved pet/member of the family is excruciating. It's wonderful that you can be there to help support your mom, albeit taxing on you.

    Have you ever used We are on a strict budget, but I can often find a little house rental for super cheap in areas around me. It makes for an inexpensive, relaxing get away. Especially if you get one with a hot tub! :)

  3. I'm so sorry about your Mom's dog! That is awful. Good on you for going with her.

    And holy hell I can't imagine having to write a letter to bless someone's baby no matter how much I loved that person. Sending you super duper strong vibes.

    You DO need a vacation! Immediately! I'm prescribing it. Surely even if it's not someplace fun there's got to be some cheap motel to escape to? Go on some weird adventure to a place you've never heard of?

  4. I had to attend my friend's baby shower just 2 weeks ago. It was it's own brand of hell. So I feel for you. Hang in there and have yourself a cry by yourself afterwards if you need to.