August 08, 2012

9DPO: An Interview and Symptoms

M had another interview yesterday. My stomach was in knots all afternoon and I couldn't focus on *anything*. He finally called me an hour and a half after his interview time and put me out of my misery XD

The interview went well, he feels confident about it. But he was the first person and we don't know how many others are being interviewed. We also don't have a very specific time frame for when they want to have the position filled - just "soon". Well, soon to me is by the end of the week, and somehow I don't think that's what they meant. I hate ambiguous time frame terms...

So we get to go back to waiting. Wait for a phone call, wait for an email, wait for a letter. Wait for spotting to start, wait for my temps to drop, wait to test...

Thank God its Wednesday. Every day moves me that much closer to testing and ending the "What If" misery. I am not a symptom spotter for the most part. Partly because I rarely get any symptoms other than sore boobs and partly because a 2ww with any real shot at being pregnant, for me, is more rare than a Blue Moon.

Having said that, I am, at the moment, trying very hard to NOT tell myself that my extreme lethargy, recent sensitivity to odd smells, and queasy stomach are related to an egg and sperm combining and happily snuggling into my uterus. That is not happening... ::sigh:: I think. I don't know. I'm probably making it all up in my head. Its not gonna stop me from making excuses about not going to my work out class this morning...I'd rather go for a walk anyway.

Why is the second half of the two week wait so much harder than the first???


  1. Symptoms are exciting. Good luck on two counts: interview and implantation!

  2. Those symptoms sound promising, but I know at this point, it's really so hard to trust them. Fingers crossed and prayers being said for TWO big and great things in your life. Hopefully within a week or two, you'll have an answer on both! ~ hugs ~

  3. Even if you aren't a symptom spotter, it's impossible not to notice things. About a year ago I had really, really bad gas. Totally not typical for me (thank god). I Googled for days to see if that could be a sign of a pending BFP. Indeed it made the top 20 list of 'early pregnancy signs'! However, after my horribly tragic BFN and a confession to my husband as to why I was so devastated, he came clean. Apparently the "granola bar" that he gave me was actually a fiber bar. *sshole.

    But sometimes, it does happen. Sometimes it is real. And I will hope from here to the moon that that is the case.

  4. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for all of the above, lovely!

    Symptoms are good. Either they'll turn into awesome pregnancy symptoms or next time you'll be able to say "nope, these are super weird period symptoms".

    Good vibes your way - super good vibes, I say!

  5. Sending you good thoughts! I agree that the second half of the tww is so much worse than the first, and all of a sudden it becomes so hard! The only good news is that it is almost over, either way. Hope for the best!

  6. I've had lots of experience lately with 2wws when pregnancy has been impossible, and I can say that the 2nd half is always harder, period, regardless of TTC or TTA. I'm more irritable and have a lot more trouble sleeping in the 2nd half.

    Hopeful for you!