August 13, 2012

Crazy Monday

My head is in a million places at once today. I considered not even updating. But its so therapeutic to get things out and written you get bullet points since I am incapable of a narrative that makes any sense.

  • Girls' weekend was a lot of fun and I got started on the baby blanket for my sister :-)
  • Got a BF...N?P?N? on Sunday, so  tested again this morning to get a clearer answer: BFN, for sure. Not really upset about it since I am overwhelmed with the thought of M's new job, house hunting, moving, and getting settled in a new community.
  • Drove around a little of the city we are thinking of moving to in order to get a feel for the neighborhoods. There was even an open house at one of the houses I liked online! It was so cute! And very reasonably priced :-) But we can't get ahead of ourselves. Need to get pre-approved for a loan, find a real estate agent, all that jazz. I will go crazy with everything that needs to be done!
  • The official job offer came this morning for M. He was actually offered the higher end of the range he told them, which is *awesome*! I'm so excited for him!!! He starts work on the 20th!
  • Its a good thing I got good news from M this morning, because *my* office is a cluster-fuck. I walked in this morning to several changes that none of the admin staff were made aware of and an office supply cabinet that looked like it had been beaten with a baseball bat. Apparently the "higher ups" in my dept wanted to move said cabinet and it "fell apart" (because it was FULL of SUPPLIES which should have been REMOVED before they tried to MOVE IT!). So I and the only other employee present today spent an hour cleaning up a huge mess that we didn't make and no one ever said "sorry for the mess" or "thanks for cleaning it up". I am beyond fuming about this and many other things. Don't really want to get into it here.
  • Because of the mess I walked into this morning (also had my nephew with me because my sister had a doc appointment, so I had to play it cool and act like everything was fine), my brain is totally scrambled. I can't seem to get any work done and there is SO MUCH to do, both for the dept. and for my personal life. I'm screwed.
See what I mean? All over the place. And a mix of good, bad, and just plain frustrating. I'm really hoping the day improves so I can focus on happy things like house hunting.


  1. Wait... back up. Rewind. What?! You tested 3 times and one of them was a positive? A false positive is extraordinarily uncommon. I wish I had your phone number because I'm very confused and feel like I need to straighten this out right. this. second.

    1. I tested twice actually. I think the first one was an evap line because it was like...the *shadow* of a line. I was twisting it this way and that in the light, decided I was turning into a crazy lady and walked away. When I looked at it again a few minutes later, I didn't see anything. I tested this morning with a digi that a friend gave me (I never buy them for myself!) and it said "not pregnant". Sorry I left you hanging all day about this! LOL, its still the closest thing I've gotten to a BFP yet :-P

    2. You know I went to sleep thinking about you. I think I'm still traumatized from my first BFP- when I tested negative at 13DPIUI and naively believed that was my truth until I was proven otherwise weeks later. My trust has not been regained. Thanks for clarifying though, although the results were not what any of us hoped for.