June 26, 2012

Ray of Sunshine

Wow, June has *flown* by! Next month I can go back to fertility treatments, crazy!

God is, however briefly, smiling down on M and I the past few days. He had that interview on Friday which went well (calls are being made today and tomorrow for second interviews). And today he got called for an interview with a company *much* closer to home. We would not need to move and I could keep my job. I'm so excited to finally see some activity and responses to all of M's hard work! Seriously, this is the most action we've had on the job front since he started his search.

As for my lady bits, I still can't figure out if or how well the surgery has helped things. I did get AF on my own, but I was doing that back in the winter, too. And AF doesn't prove that I ovulated since so many PCOSers have annovulatory bleeding (I never did before January, 2012, but apparently this is my new norm). The spotting has finally stopped (there is way more spotting since January than I've ever had, also) and even though I am only on CD8, I have EWCM. It is very obvious and there is tons of it, I could not possibly be mistaken. I'm frustrated by this because it seems way too early in the cycle for this to be a good thing. It is more likely proof that my hormones are still out of whack than it is a sign of impending O. But then, I am rather jaded when it comes to my body, aren't I? I am still temping and I decided this cycle I would actually chart them, just to see. I refuse to put any pressure on myself to TTC this cycle, though. No scheduled sexy-time for this lady! I'm sticking to a "wait and see" attitude. If my body O's on its own, then it is likely to do it again and I can try to catch the egg *next* time.

For now I'm focusing on finishing strong in my weight training class, making steady progress on my afghan so I can start my other projects for my sister and the baby soon, and drooling over real estate in our area. M and I have decided to start going to open houses when we see something we like - just to get our feet wet and see what is available in our price range. So far we have not been disappointed and are more desperate than ever for a job so we can become home owners. I'm very happy that the money left over from his trust fund puts us in a good position as far as a down payment goes. In our area it still appears to very much be a buyer's market and I hope it stays that way for another year.

Today I feel really positive and hopeful. Something good is on the horizon for us, I'm sure of it.


  1. Ah, I love real estate and open houses. I hope the opportunity for the job closer to home pans out. That would be super exciting. Wish him luck!

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the jobs and that the EWCM is indeed a good sign! Good luck!

  3. Lots of good things! I hope all of these things work out for you guys!

  4. Hope good things come from the interview! Keep positive about the EWCM...you never know!