June 19, 2012

This is Why We Don't Make Plans

...because as the poet says, they oft' go awry. For example, had I been *planning* on AF showing up in a week, I would have been devastated last night when she blew in in all her painful, disgusting glory. But you know what? I don't care. She came, and that's a big deal in and of itself. So I have to wait another cycle before calling Dr. B - big woop. That just gives me more time to focus on weight training and being generally happy with what life throws at me. And at least the spotting will stop and in a few days I can pounce my long-suffering husband.

I feel like an outlier right now in the infertility world. All but a very few bloggers I'm following are pregnant and the others are actively trying. I almost feel like a sham - is my blog still an IF blog? Well of course it is, but I still feel...different. I guess things will get back to "normal" in about 30 days, which is basically when I had originally expected to go back to TTC. Until then, you will all just have to read about the more mundane parts of my life. Maybe I'll post pictures of my current crochet project - I am *so* proud of it!


  1. You aren't an outlier, and I'm glad you continue updating us on what's going on in your life. The thing about this journey is...although you may start by following everyone in the same cycle as you, eventually each blogger will be at a different point in the journey. It doesn't make any of them less interesting to read. Anyway, that's been my experience.

    I'm looking forward to the photos of your crochet project!

  2. You are not a sham! Sometimes I feel like I'm a sham too because I'm not actively seeking treatment although we are still trying. You and me we may not be the typical IF blogger but we are still here and belong.

    It is a HUGE thing that AF came on its own! I hope this is the start for you. Sometimes a break is needed and I don't mind reading about your NOT MUNDANE life :)

  3. You're not a sham, for sure. I started my blog last June after a 5 month break from treatment, and it wasn't another 4 months after that that I went for my first monitored cycle. Taking breaks is part of the process, I think. If you were always actively trying you would for sure burn out!

  4. Of course you belong :) would love to see pictures of your crochet project...sometimes it's nice to read an IF blog that shares stories/projects that have nothing to do with infertility!! Keep posting :) and I really hope your period goes out as quickly as it came in!

  5. Every mile of the journey counts! Also,good work on AF! That's good progress!

  6. Well, AF screwed things up again, but you sound like you're enjoying the TTC break. Isn't it crazy how much your stress level drops when you aren't TTC? I want to see your crochet pictures!

    If you're an outlier blogger, so am I. Haven't TTC for one year...sigh. But I'm glad to have someone in the same boat, break-wise.

    1. Good point, you and I can hang out in terminal TTC hold land together! Good company :-)