January 13, 2012

Tag Team Fertility

There are many benefits to having a sister with the same diagnosis as myself. J, my sister, and I are now seeing the same Dr. Her next appointment is even the same day as my consult! And now that I am ready to take a break from these God-awful, clomid induced hot flashes, J is starting her first treatment since the miscarriage.

Tag, you're it!

It is nice to know that while I take a break, I can obsess about her cycles and her progress. And genuinely cheer for her success, like I do for any fellow ALI sister. There's little else to keep me occupied as winter wears on. And with no temping, charting, or possible symptoms of my own to dissect, I'm not sure what I will do with all that free time. Blog? Chores? Resume an old hobby? Or sit and stare at my computer. Stare at the TV.

As much as I want and need this break, a part of me wants to keep trying. I guess its my impatience mingled with fear and a need for control. "How long will it take to get pregnant?" that part asks. "What if I lose my first pregnancy? What if I have diminished ovarian reserve??"  We could play this game forever. It doesn't do any good. Hopefully I can calm down after my appointment on the 24th.


  1. I don't know anyone (outside of blogland) that is suffering through IF. And I think it would be comforting talking with someone, face to face, that honestly understands what this is like. I don't wish this stuff on anyone, but I'm glad the two of you have each other.

  2. It really does help having someone to walk beside you through this journey. Like Tami said, I wouldn't wish this on anyone but hold on to each other. You can support each other like no one else can!

  3. Ladies, that is exactly how I feel. I hate that J and I both have to deal with this and wish to heaven she wasn't in this boat with me. But I am incredibly grateful for her support, since this is where we are.