January 16, 2012


Its funny - I am just ending my first foray into infertility treatments and transitioning into a TTC break, yet I feel like I am accomplishing more towards getting me pregnant than I have in the past year. My husband, M, has an SA scheduled for this week and next week I get to meet Dr. B. We will have a much clearer picture of what we're up against. And I'll finally be able to tell my side of things. I love Dr. P, don't get me wrong, but she wasn't one for listening to what I thought or wanted. She is, admittedly, limited in what she can do for infertility and I can't fault her for that. But I am really looking forward to collaborating with a doctor on my treatment regimen. And not being treated like I have to fit in a box. What good does a 21 day progesterone check do for you if you ovulate late? Or if you don't ovulate at all??

Yesterday evening was spent going over the novella of medical history forms from the doctor's office. I'll be honest, I was raised by two nurses, and I hadn't even heard of some of the diseases and disorders mentioned on the forms. Also, I found it frustratingly difficult to answer some of the questions about AF (Aunt Flo). See, years before I was diagnosed with PCOS, amenorrhea, and annovulation, I was dealing with a very different problem. My body tried to kill me over the course of three months by bleeding fairly unceasingly. Its called menorrhagia. When I was 14 years old I was hospitalized because I was so desperately anemic that I couldn't stand up without severe dizziness, headaches, and passing out. No one ever explained to me what was wrong. I still have no idea why my body decided that my AF should go on and on until I had bled out and died. I don't know if that episode was an early indication of my PCOS in any way. So when the medical forms ask certain questions, I am at a loss how to answer. I've never had normal periods and after the menorrhagia was discover, I was thrown on BCPs. I was literally on BCPs from age 14 until age 26. Anytime I randomly went off BCPs (I was kind of wishy washy with my meds in my college years) I wouldn't have an AF on my own. I actually put a question mark down as the answer for a few questions which for anyone else would have been straight-forward.

Me and my silly body...


  1. It it so, so important that you feel like your doctor is working *for* you vs. treating you like any old patient. Sometimes I feel like my RE is rushing me, but we just had a sit down consult last week and I feel so much better about our plan going forward.

    1. I really hope I am happy with Dr. B once we have our consult. It would be great to finally feel like we can make some *progress* towards getting pregnant!