July 30, 2012

Seeing Double

Oh, hey, so *that's* what a positive OPK looks like! I mean, I've seen hundreds of pictures, but never one in real life. So I finally got a positive yesterday! Now I just need to make sure M and I do the deed every day or every other day until I see that temp spike. This morning it was still low (97.33) and I know the general range for my post-O temps (97.8ish and above) so I'm crossing my fingers that this is actually going to happen. I still have a bit of the heaviness feeling and pain when I sit/stand, but not as much as yesterday. I will certainly keep you all posted!


  1. Replies
    1. wow...that was supposed to be busy. See how excited I was?

  2. Awesome news! Hope you and M can have some fun leading up to (and even after, heehee) that temperature spike! I imagine the positive OPK will make it exciting this month! Yay!

  3. That's great! So, good news for the surgery? I hope it also means that this will be your lucky cycle! (Also, I'm so glad you didn't need the trigger after all.)