July 06, 2012

My Summer Guilty Pleasure

I am not a fan of reality TV in general. The kind of "reality" programming I enjoy watching is drama-free cooking shows, home buying shows, and home renovation shows. And Wipe Out before it became impossible.

But there is one drama-filled, social experiment gone wrong that I have a love/hate relationship with every summer: Big Brother. I can't help myself! Every year I get so excited to have something to watch 3 nights a week and tons of blog reading and obsessing online. And every year the cast is mostly a big disappointment and production *clearly* interferes with the game to push their agenda and the story lines they think America wants to see. But I Can't. Stop. Watching!

The cast list is out for the new season and I have thoroughly investigated each new victim. In addition, there are 4 returning House Guests from previous years (I'm so sick of them doing this). But despite my reservations about the cast and the ridiculous "twists", and the ugly house decor this year, I will faithfully sit in front of my TV every Thursday, Sunday, and Wednesday through the end of the summer.

So what's your guilty TV pleasure? What do you judge yourself for watching but you can't seem to stop yourself? Any other BB fans out there?


  1. I can get so addicted to reality shows. I try not to get sucked into too many. I love Chopped on Food Network because each episode is self-contained (and I kinda like the drama!).

    That is so funny that they air BB episodes 3 nights a week!

  2. Im too embarassed to even answer this question. :)