July 23, 2012

Cycle Day 11

So I had my debated follicle scan today. Had to remind Dr. B again that I don't want to do a trigger shot. But *this* time I was speaking coherently and in fluent adult English! Score one for me! Let's look at the numbers:

I have a few follicles in the 10-11 range, two follicles that are 12, and one show off measuring 15!

15 on CD11!

That is *huge* for me!

Dr. B thinks ovulation is still about 3 days off (if it even happens without the trigger shot). I promised to use OPK's to indicate when I ovulate and they gave me a lab form to get my progesterone tested one week after apparent ovulation.

So I guess we shall see...

I actually haven't ever used OPKs because I know they can be unreliable for someone with PCOS. I'm going to give them a chance this cycle in conjunction with temping, that way I will have a clearer picture of what's happening.

So, all in all, a *much* better appointment than last week.

In other news, I bought M adult gummy vitamins because he complains about having to swallow the "horse-pill" vitamins Dr. B suggested to help with the swimmers. Big Baby.

Also in other news, M should hear about a job sometime this week. I am praying multiple times a day that it is good news. I had a dream that he told me he didn't get the job and I remember thinking "I wish this was just a dream" - which is weird, since it was...


  1. Oh, I hope he gets the job. That will be a huge relief! Also, go ovaries! They deserve a huge medal for their rockstar performance. 15 mm on CD 11. Fantastic!

  2. Yay for kickass follicles!

    Not to give you unsolicited advice but if you're going with OPKs - shell out for the digitals. With PCOS the regular ole' line ones will drive you crazy but the digis never let me down.

  3. Glad you apt went well! I'd love to hear how the OPK and temping goes. I have pcos too and gave up on the temping and never did the OPK's.


  4. Whew! That are some great numbers! Way to go ovaries!

  5. Yay! Things are looking up! I'll keep my fingers crossed both for an easy ovulation (and stress free OPKs) and your husband's job search.

  6. Yay! Good news!!! I hope you ovulate on your own in the next few days :D

  7. Ummm... this is GREAT news! Go follies Go!

  8. Yay!! That is awesome!

    I feel so sorry for your husband about the vitamins. Not. I hope he hears about the job soon!