September 04, 2012

Bad Timing

This rotten cold I've been fighting since last week is ruining my cycle. I got what I thought was a positive OPK on Saturday, worked up the energy for sexy time, then failed to remember to use an OPK on Sunday and simply had zero interest in sex the rest of the weekend. Hard to feel sexy when you are a giant, coughing snot-ball :-P

I did remember to use an OPK on Monday and it was definitely negative. But, if I have ovulated, nobody told my temperature. Or alternatively, the fitful, mouth-breathing sleep I've been getting is messing with my temps. 97.58 this morning, well below my typical post-O temps.

Not really sure where this leaves us. I did not get many tell-tale ovulation symptoms like last month, but again, being sick really screws with my ability to tune into my body. I guess I'll just keep looking for a temp shift this week and call Dr. B on Friday if there's nothing.

Its hard to be surprised by any of this, if it turns out I didn't O. My body is just *so good* at being fucked up. If this cycle is a bust I'm going to ask to try femara with a trigger shot. I still have a leftover shot hanging out in my fridge anyway. If I can't get regularly ovulating by the end of the year I am taking another break and strongly considering ending our attempts for a biological child. I just can't let this problem rule and ruin my life. What is the point of beating your head against a wall that shows no sign of breaking or budging?

Adoption still sits out there in the ether as a future option. My employer and M's employer both offer adoption assistance, which is why it is not cost prohibitive as opposed to IVF. I think I would wait until I turn 30 at least to move forward with that though. It would probably take that long if not longer to change gears and think about having a kid without ever experiencing pregnancy, without my family's traits being in there somewhere...::sigh:: Ah well, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Maybe I'll just live out my life as a fabulous aunt to two very lucky nephews, heh.


  1. On to Femara! I know so many PCOS women that are clomid resistant that respond famously to Femara! But, hopefully, you will have ovulate this cycle!

  2. So sorry you aren't feeling well. Being sick is... the worst. Could you possibly get some b/w to see if you already O'd? I feel like your temps are going to be all screwy from being sick. But, b/w doesn't lie :)

  3. I would definitely try Femara. Clomid can be so tricky and with PCOS I tend to think that Femara is the better option. Sorry you've been feeling crappy. Wish I could send you some warm soup to make you feel better!

  4. I only used Femara (never tried Clomid) and responded really well. I usually had 1-2 nice, big follicles, and actually didn't end up needing the trigger shot most of the time. I did 4 cycles, 2 with trigger shots and 2 without. The first cycle, I was told to use a trigger shot, but I triggered when the follicles were too small so I barely even count that as a cycle - I ended up changing doctors after it because I didn't like how the whole thing was handled. The cycle I got pregnant I had 2 big follicles (1 small one) and ovulated without the trigger. This is from someone who basically does not ovulate at all! So I definitely recommend trying Femara once or twice before stopping altogether, just to see how your body responds to it.

    Also, if you ovulated during the days you didn't take the test, then you wouldn't get a positive result after the fact. :/

  5. I'm sick too! Is it possible to get people sick over the internet? ;)

    I'm betting your temps are messed up from the mouth breathing. That did it for me, one month long ago when I was still ovulating.