September 07, 2012

So Confused

After my last post, things got even weirder. I decided to use an OPK on Tuesday, kind of for gee whiz. It was very VERY positive, no doubt about it. So I was like "Oh....uhhhh....I guess we have sex tonight?"

Signs and symptoms have still been vague or absent. I've had passing breast tenderness and I did notice more EXCM on Tuesday. But I temped every morning this week and it was stubbornly low. Last night I was counting in my head and decided that next week, maybe on Tuesday, I should go get my progesterone tested just to give the RE's office some definitive proof one way or the other about this cycle. I dutifully popped the thermometer in my mouth this morning after making sure I didn't wake up with my jaw hanging wide open: 98.58. That is very definitely in the Post-O temp range for me.

Seriously? This is not conclusive data, this is just *annoying* at this point. Whatever. I will continue to temp to try to track a trend (or lack thereof) and get my blood drawn Tuesday or Wednesday. I am so ready to just move on to Femara with a trigger shot. Clomid and I have never had a good relationship and its only gotten worse. Lyingpieceofshitbitchpills...

In more certain and pleasant news: More house hunting on Sunday!! We have fallen head over heels in love with a house already, but the list price is at the top of our range. We decided beforehand that we would only be willing to purchase at the top of our price range if the home was completely and utterly move in ready - didn't need a thing done to it. This house does not quite meet those specifications. We are concerned the sellers won't negotiate, so I am preparing myself for a big letdown with that just in case. At least M and I are agreed that we would walk away from that house if the sellers don't negotiate.

Oh, other good news I almost forgot about. Well, this is actually a mixed bag of good and bad. I don't have a gluten sensitivity!!!! I can eat stuff!!!! ........Wait, why am I so itchy then?? Hopefully the dermatologist can give me some answers at my appointment on Tuesday.


  1. Ugh, I feel your pain. It is SO frustrating when your body sends mixed signals. I'm hoping that tomorrow your temp remains high and that your blood work come back ovulatory!

  2. I keep looking at my BBT on my nightstand and say to myself "I'll start again tomorrow morning". I've been saying that for 2 months now- I just can't make myself do it. Stupid BBT.

    But hooray for house hunting!! We bought a condo 2 years ago that needed a LOT of work- but is habitable. Since it's 1 block from the beach, we were ok with dealing with the popcorn ceilings and broken trash compactor until we pay off some of our debts and gather money to remodel. :)