September 25, 2012

Back in the Stirrups Again

I did get to squeeze into the schedule for today and have an u/s. We are good to go for this cycle, mixing things up a bit with clomid CD5-10, including a double dose today. Also we are doing a trigger shot this month, mostly because I've got one hanging around the back of my fridge and its going to expire in a month.

The Guru told me he feels like we are in the fine tuning stages of treatment with me, rather than wildly vacillating trying to figure out something, anything that works. That actually made me feel pretty good. Plus one of the songs from my infertility mix played on the radio while I was headed to my appointment. I count that as good luck, not that that's worth much.

I have a new obsession lately: audiobooks. Now that they are available in digital form, its so easy to borrow an audiobook from the library and load it on my iPhone! Okay, that is a patent lie. In theory, it is easy. In practice, the first audiobook I got required about 4 hours of screaming, raving, coercing, and willing myself *not* to throw my laptop at a wall. First the audiobook software didn't like my computer, then when I solved that problem, my iPhone decided to be a total butthead and refuse to tell me where the files were that it had *just* downloaded. There's even a handy dandy section in the iPod app *for* audiobooks, but of course it wasn't in there. The first book, "Bossypants" (so funny, you MUST read!!) turned up as an empty playlist in my iPod. Using the phone's search function, I was able to pull up the audio files and play the book, but now that I'm done, I have no way of deleting it because my phone doesn't actually *show* the files wherever they supposedly are being kept. Its a very strange problem that I'm sure I'm not articulating well...

The second book was much easier to download now that I knew the weirdness I'd have to deal with. It loaded onto my phone as an album in my iPod, which is nice in that the phone is actually showing me the files in a location where I can then delete them, but its unfortunate because the files play like a song and not a book. I don't get certain controls like rewind 15 seconds, fast forward 15 seconds, and double-time the talking speed. Oh well, at least I can listen to The Hunger Games while I drive, work, cook, crochet, and lay in bed trying to get sleepy. Yes, I am very late to the show, but I'm *finally* reading (listening to...whatever) The Hunger Games. I plan on watching the moving once I've finished the first book.

The Guru briefly discussed our future treatment plans before ending my appointment. We agreed that if I'm not pregnant by the end of the year, we should bump up to IUI's, probably still going with whatever protocol is getting me to ovulate. We do still have the minor issue of M's not so stellar swimmers to contend with, afterall.

Super fun times here guys, I cannot even tell you. Poor normal people, sitting out there, getting pregnant at home without specialists, nurses, drugs, bloodwork - I mean, c'mon, where's the fun in *that*? Amiright? ;-)


  1. Youaresoright. I'm more of a podcast listener myself. Still need to try out audiobooks. Might take some coercing though. :)

    So glad to hear this cycle is a go. And if you go with an IUI, M's swimmers might really get a kick out of not having to travel so far.

    What's happening with the house? Everything ok on the roof?

    1. The post-inspection report has been submitted to the seller's and they responded that they are getting estimates of their own for the repairs we requested. Technically they don't have to give us an answer until next Tuesday. I'm trying very hard not to think about it and am failing about 95% of the time...

  2. You know, I had the same problem with iTunes and the audiobooks. It was frustrating enough that I didn't try it again. I just stuck with the podcasts. On to more important topics, how do you like the Hunger Games books?

    1. When I first heard of the Hunger Games, I was appalled at the storyline. Young kids fighting to the death?? But I read the wikipedia articles for each book (spoilers don't phase me when it comes to literature, I just enjoy the ride, not the destination specifically) and thought about it some more. When the movie finally came out, I decided I needed to read the book first if I wanted to see the movie (didn't want to taint my imagination). And I really enjoyed it. The only part that left me feeling sick to my stomach was when Cato was dying ::shudder:: I'm eager to read/listen to the next book.