August 24, 2013

Final IUI

Not to say that I will never, ever go back to medicated cycles, but it is final for a long time if not ever. M's pat went just fine, we got breakfast afterward, and headed back to the hospital for my part. Dr. B (I guess the secretary got confused when she told me it would be the Guru on Saturday?) had some trouble navigating the catheter into my cervix, but eventually got it. M's washed number was 95 million, which was up from that last time. Actually, each time we have done an IUI, M's numbers have gone up - interesting.

I obediently laid there for 6 minutes after the procedure. Then we were up and off. Didn't lay low the rest of the day - we had a full schedule. I am only just now sitting down in my own home again and that's just because I got extremely low blood sugar after being at Ale Fest all afternoon. So cross your fingers and toes for me because in 2 weeks, about the same time I lose my insurance, I will find out if this worked. Thank GOD my husband has insurance that can pick me up.