November 07, 2011

Small Miracles

Or in my case, a really, really big one. The medicine worked, I can't believe it actually worked! I had completely given up hope (obviously) and was just waiting to begin the next cycle. But my CD21 blood work came back with progesterone count 15.7! Fertility Friend had already given me cross-hairs, but I assumed my elevated temps were due to an infection in my thumb. It originally guessed I ovulated on CD14, but after a few days, adjusted the date to CD18. That makes more sense to me because I had a definite temp jump and I remember (TMI) my breasts felt tender and I had vaguely wet CM (although I felt it was too ambiguous to chart). Now I just have to wait 10 more LOOOOONG days before taking a HPT...

I was at work when I got the numbers from my doctor's office and after the initial rush of excitement I stopped to say a brief prayer of thanks. Since then I have been careful to be thankful for medicine and doctors who can fix my broken body, but not begging for a positive pregnancy test. I am trying hard to repeat the phrase "thy will be done". I ovulated, that's far more than I had hoped for. Anything else is just icing on the cake. Besides, I stopped tracking when M and I had sex, so I really don't know if we had good enough coverage to have a chance at getting pregnant.

Next cycle you'd better believe I will be following all the rules: taking robitussin for clearer CM, Sex every-other day (maybe every day), and taking my metformin and vitamins *every* day. I'm just so happy to have even a *chance* to get pregnant!

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