January 07, 2011


When I saw my OB/GYN before I got married, she congratulated me on the good news and then got down to business: "Have you talked about kids?" me: "yes" "Do you both want kids?" me: "yes" "Well I'm going to tell you up front, don't come to me when you're 28 and tell me you want to get pregnant. I will not be pleased." me: "27 it is!". And so, before I was even married, the time for M and I to start gearing up for a family was predetermined. I'm thankful, though, that my doctor is very direct with me. When you have fertility problems, sugar coating things rarely helps.

This March I turn 27. I finished my last pack of BC pills on New Years Eve and prepared myself for whatever comes next. If I know my body (and I think I know my body), I'll be making a visit to my doctor in April to let her know things aren't going "well". In the mean time, I'm going to chart my basal body temperature (on the off chance that it shows I do ovulate [haha]) and go through the usual TTC motions just so that I get used to it. One really positive note though: prenatal vitamins do wonders for my immune system! Since I started taking them in November, I can tell I've successfully fought off 2 colds without getting more than the sniffles for a day or two. And I'm usually so susceptible to illness in the winter.

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