May 07, 2015


We have a social worker!!! I had just commented to my friend that I was hoping to have been contacted by our social worker by now, but I didn't want to bug our agency about it - and then lo and behold, I got a phone call on my lunch break from our social worker! And even better than that, she had room in her schedule to come see us next Thursday which is a day both M and I were taking as vacation from work anyway! (because we are seeing a live show Wed night).

We have our first homestudy visit in exactly 1 week!! I am so excited!!!

And you'd think I'd be freaking out because OMG homestudy, must clean like Jesus is coming to dinner! But actually, no, I'm totally cool about it. I'm going to vacuum all the rooms really well, dust (which is something I do about once a year), and make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned, but I am not going to go crazy and wash all the windows or anything. Just normal clean, not second coming of Christ clean.

So I really think we are going to be approved and waiting by mid- to late summer! Isn't that crazy?? We could be matched by the end of the year! Or not, but I guess there's no way of knowing. I will just be grateful when there is nothing left for us to do but wait for a phone call :-)


  1. So excited for you! It must feel awesome to be making progress. Love following your journey!