December 15, 2011


So I had my pity party for one and then hope refused to let me give up. There is always another cycle and Dr. P upped my dose to 150mg of clomid. A lot of the women on my PCOS forum say they think that me getting sick interfered with ovulation. It worked on 100mg once, so it definitely should work (at least the first time) with 150mg, right? So I will do *everything* right again. I will take my metformin every day. I will take my vitamins every day. I will use robitussin to get fertile CM. And I will make sure we do the deed several days leading up to O. Because if I don't do everything right, I will just kick myself for it later.

I have been posting inspirational quotes on my Facebook all week. It helps to remind myself that everyone has challenges in their life to overcome, not just me. And besides, I should being focusing on M right now. He isn't dealing well with unemployment, poor thing... But we will persevere through that as well.

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